Case Study

Cellnex has worked with Offaly County Council for the last 5 years in relation to the deployment of telecommunication infrastructure across the county.

Offaly County Council, acting on issues raised by communities around the county, highlighted to Cellnex additional areas facing a lack of mobile coverage and connectivity.

One of the areas identified was Coolderry, a small village located 11km from Birr. A detailed site survey was undertaken by Cellnex to identify the optimal location which would provide the necessary improvement in mobile coverage.

Following a successful planning application, the site was developed by Cellnex in late 2020 and went live with eir Mobile services in January 2021, delivering significantly improved mobile connectivity to the residents and businesses of Coolderry and surrounding areas.


Community driven requirement


Bespoke 15m mini-pole street work solution


Confirmed mobile coverage deficit


Improved mobile coverage for the locality and surrounding areas

The pictures and video below taken of Coolderry provide a detailed overview of what a typical rural street work solution would look like